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I'm Alexandra Marrero. You're struggling to balance health and life without going crazy. You can't help going on diet after diet trying to reach that ideal weight that seems far from reach. Life is chaotic. Your health is too. But it doesn't have to be. Imagine being able to wake up each morning with a fire burning inside you and a zest for life because you are healthy and happy inside and out. This is what we can achieve together. I'm going to show you how.



I studied my health and life coaching certifications through Health Coach Institute. I received my gut health certification through Holistic Wellness Coaching Academy and studied holistic lifestyle with CHEK institute. For me it’s always about expanding my education so I can always best help my family, client’s and of course myself. During this time of education my life completely transformed! I learned the food I was consuming was just as important as how I was nourishing myself in every other area of my life and I began to take better of myself! I finally learned what foods restored my digestive fire and it all clicked! My family is now able to receive a better version of me….. a happier healthier version.

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There is no such thing as the perfect diet,
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It’s a struggle to balance your health with the rest of life’s chaos. I’ve been there myself. You are busy and have forgotten, or perhaps have never learned, how to stay on your healthy path and maintain a balance.

You can holistically regain your balance with simple methods that strengthen your digestive fire and re-ignites your life’s passions. Imaging setting a strong foundation NOW for a long life full of health and happiness.  


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What is the link between meditation and gut health?

By Alexandra Marrero

What Meditation Has to do with Gut Health When you think of meditation you probably don’t associate it with better digestion and gut health. I know I didn’t until I learned just how much stress influences our gut health and just how powerful meditation is for decreasing stress. What Evolution Has to do With Healthy…

Warm up this winter with this recipe!

By Alexandra Marrero

      Is it a blizzard where you are too? Cold temps are all over right now and it’s freezing…what better way to warm up and feel good than with some good ol comfort food. I LOVE chicken soup but I don’t like feeling bloated and blah after consuming it. This recipe is straight…

Setting New Year’s Goals

By Alexandra Marrero

As the New Year dawns upon us, so does the possibility of the new you. It is an unavoidable hope that the New Year will bring a clean slate for us to write our lives the way we want it to be. It is a beautiful belief to hold that we will regenerate and rebuild…